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Little Children Big Dreams

Welcome to Little Children Big Dreams. Helping more children fear less.


About the Author

Online expert help for night fear, monster dreams and better sleep for children

Dr Kaylene Henderson, MBBS FRANZCP Cert C&A Psych, is an Australian Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist and mother of three young children. She graduated from Medical School in the 1990’s and since then has helped many children and their families with a range of social and emotional difficulties. Kaylene is a member of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists, the Faculty of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and the Australian Association for Infant Mental Health. She is a regular expert contributor to numerous parenting magazines and websites and has an engaged social media following on her Facebook Page.

Dr Henderson developed the first of these personalized Little Children Big Dreams stories (in sleep-deprived desperation) when her daughter, then aged three, was experiencing months of frequent monster dreams. Fortunately (for them both), the monster story worked beautifully. In only a week her daughter was free of her monster dreams and both mother and child were sleeping well.

This success inspired Dr Henderson to write her second story to help children who are scared of the dark - the most common night fear affecting children's sleep.

With a mother’s knowledge that by helping children sleep better you can help a whole family, Dr Henderson established Little Children Big Dreams in order to make these stories readily available to other families battling bedtime fears.

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Raising Good Kids: Managing Behaviour and Emotions in 0-5's

Dr Kaylene Henderson is also the creator and presenter of this popular online course series for parents and early childhood professionals.

Based on research but filled with practical examples, you can view this video-based course on your smart phone, iPad or computer from anywhere in the world.

With warmth and humour combined with a passion for sharing research-based education, Dr Kaylene Henderson is also a popular presenter at parenting seminars and early childhood care and education sector conferences. Her website is a library of free downloadable tip sheets and articles, in addition to her popular online courses, all designed to assist those who care for young children. 

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