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Little Children Big Dreams

Welcome to Little Children Big Dreams. Helping more children fear less.


Welcome to my Parenting Blog - your access to free online Child Psychiatrist advice!

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Written by Dr. Kaylene Henderson, Little Children Big Dreams   

Child psychiatrist-written parenting blog, helping families

Welcome to my Parenting Blog - your access to free online Child Psychiatrist advice!

Parenthood is overall an incredibly enjoyable and rewarding experience, but at times parenting a child can seem quite daunting. Unfortunately, working out the best source of help at those times can be confusing. There are vast numbers of parenting magazines and books, online parenting forums and parent guides not to mention the parenting advice frequently given (although not always asked for!) by friends, family and sometimes random strangers...

While it would be ideal to seek advice from an experienced Child Psychiatrist when we have concerns for our children or about how to parent them, this is rarely practical or affordable. Aware of this (and equally aware of the vast amount of misinformation provided to parents) I decided to start this parenting blog (and my more frequently updated Facebook Page) as a way of providing parents with free, accessible, up-to-date information.

About Me:   I am an Australian Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist and mother of three young children. I graduated from Medical School in the 1990’s and since then have helped many children and their families with a range of social and emotional difficulties. I am a member of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists, the Faculty of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, the Australian Medical Association and the Australian Association for Infant Mental Health. I established Little Children Big Dreams to provide an easy-to-use, affordable resource for parents to help their young children who are afraid of the dark or scared of monsters. To return to the Little Children Big Dreams home page, click here. To read more about how the Little Children Big Dreams stories were developed to help with children’s night fear, fear of the dark and monster dreams, click here

About my articles:   While I remain passionate about helping children to conquer their night fears, I’d love to also help a broader range of children and their families. To do this, I've written these articles which cover a range of topics relating to parenting and child psychiatry which I'll add to over time. You're welcome to read and share these - I hope you find them to be helpful. If you're from a parenting publication or website, you're also welcome to contact me so that I can send you a copy of a particular article for your use, at no cost.

I simply ask that you note these disclaimers:  Firstly, I am unable to give any individual medical advice. If you are concerned about your child, it’s always best to seek an assessment with your General Practitioner (GP) or Child Health Nurse. Your GP can then refer you to a Child Psychiatrist or Child Psychologist thereafter if needed. Secondly, while I am a member of a number of professional bodies, the views presented here are solely my own and not representative of these organisations. Lastly, this blog is intended to cover a range of topics relevant to parents of young children and is not considered to be medical information or healthcare advice.

I’d really appreciate your feedback about how useful you find these articles to be as that’s what this is all about - providing help for parents who can then best help their children.

Thank you for investing this time in your little ones,

Dr Kaylene Henderson
MBBS (Qld) FRANZCP Cert C&A Psych

About the author, Dr Kaylene Henderson Dr Kaylene Henderson (MBBS, FRANZCP, Cert C&A Psych):

Dr Kaylene Henderson is an Australian Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist and mother of three young children. She founded the Little Children Big Dreams website to provide parents with effective, accessible resources to help their children overcome their fears of the dark or of the monsters in their dreams.

Dr Henderson has also established her popular Facebook Page which provides helpful parenting tips and child psychiatry information for parents and educators. A member of several professional organisations, Dr Henderson has gained years of invaluable clinical practice experience and has written articles for various parenting websites and magazines.

When not immersed in the world of parenting, Dr Henderson spends most of her time...well, parenting (with a small amount of time spent plotting her next trip to the secret chocolate stash).

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