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Little Children Big Dreams FAQs

What ages are the Little Children Big Dreams stories best suited to?

‘The Tale of the Brave Boy/Girl and the Monster’ is best suited to pre-school aged children (2-5 years old) who are afraid of monsters or who have frightening monster dreams. It is more simply written and requires your child to draw fewer illustrations. 

‘The Tale of the Brave Boy/Girl and the Dark Shadows’ targets a broader age range and can be used for children up to the age of 10 who are scared of the dark. 

The stories seem so simple and fun - tell me more about the therapeutic message:

The Narrative: Both stories have been written by Child Psychiatrist Dr Kaylene Henderson and are based on principles from cognitive-behavioural, narrative and art therapy. The first few pages of each story are written in a way that acknowledges your child’s fear and may make your child feel a little bit anxious when first reading through it with you. This anxiety will lessen each time they read it with you in the same way their fear of the dark or fear of monsters will also reduce. The remaining story focuses on making the dark shadows / monsters seem less threatening. This is done in a playful, humorous way which appeals to children across a broad age range.

The Illustrations: The opportunity for children to draw the things that frighten them and ways in which they can overcome these fears is also very valuable. Children often communicate their thoughts and fears better through play and art than through words. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to see exactly what it is that they’re frightened of and then talk to them about it. Just having you with them through this process is incredibly comforting for your child. Never underestimate your ability to help your child just by being there for them!

Making it about your child: Finally, the more your child connects with the story, the more likely it is to help them and the best way to do this is to personalize it. This will not only make the story more engaging for your child but makes it more likely that they will take on each story’s message of courage while they combat their fear of the dark and/or fear of monsters.

More information about this is included in the printable parent guide which will be available for you to download once you have purchased your child’s story.

Click here for our Stories page to purchase your child’s personalized story. You can start helping your child overcome their fear of the dark or fear of monsters right away!

My child has had frightening monster dreams and has now become scared of the dark as a result. Which story would best help?

Many young children who are afraid of monsters become scared of the dark and often get upset as bedtime approaches. Other children become scared of sleep as sleep brings frightening monster dreams. The ‘Tale of the Brave Boy/Girl and the Monster’ is best suited to these children who primarily fear monsters or their monster dreams. Other children have a more general fear of what might be lurking in the darkness and for these children the ‘Tale of the Brave Boy/Girl and the Dark Shadows’ would be a more appropriate choice. 

Sometimes it’s difficult to know exactly what it is that our children fear just as it is hard for them to put into words. As you learn more about your child’s fear by reading and illustrating one story with them, you might discover that the other story seems to be a better match. If this is the case, then simply go through the same process with the second story. There’s no harm in trying both and your child will love the stories and the time spent with you.

My child refuses to draw the pictures. What should I do?

Some children might find it too confronting and frightening to draw their fears. If that’s the case, it’s important to respect their choice. They will still benefit from hearing the story read to them and might choose to illustrate their story at a later time, once they’re feeling more brave. 

My child can’t draw very well. Should my child still attempt the illustrations or should I draw them instead?

Children as young as two years old can benefit from the Little Children Big Dreams stories and while a 2 year old’s drawings may not look like much to us, they are full of meaning for your child. Only your child can draw ‘their monster’. The process will be just as beneficial whether your little one is a scribbler or a budding Picasso! Just be sure to ask your child to tell you about their drawing, rather than to guess what it is that they’ve drawn.

Little Children Big Dreams stories for children's fear of the dark / fear of monsters

How often should we read the story?

As often as you can! Children will often want to hear their story repeatedly until they feel they’ve mastered what it’s all about. You will find that they won’t need to read it as often, if at all, once they’re no longer scared of the dark or afraid of monsters. 

Click here to read testimonials from other parents who have successfully helped their children’s fears using a Little Children Big Dreams personalized story.

Do these night fears mean that my child might have a childhood anxiety disorder?

Children are often scared of the dark or afraid of monsters. In fact, a fear of the dark or fear of monsters are two of the most common childhood fears. They are particularly troublesome as they often make it hard for children to sleep which tends to impact upon the whole family. That said, there is no evidence that children who are scared of the dark or who are afraid of monsters are at greater risk for developing a future anxiety disorder. 

To ask Dr Kaylene Henderson a question about childhood anxiety or other child psychiatry / child parenting topics please use the contact form on our 'Contact' page

What should I do if my child’s night fear continues?

There is no one intervention which can be guaranteed to work for all children, particularly if there are other factors which are still making your child feel anxious or affecting your child’s sleep. If your child experiences ongoing difficulties due to being scared of the dark or afraid of monsters, contact either your General Practitioner or local Child Health Nurse for further advice on your child’s individual needs. 

How will I receive the personalized story, parent guide and certificate once I've paid for them?

Once payment is processed, you can gain immediate access to your story, parent guide and child certificate by clicking on the three download links once you are returned from PayPal to the Little Children Big Dreams website. Each of these documents will also be emailed to you by Dr Kaylene Henderson within 24 hours. Please check that the email address you provide is correct and if you do not appear to receive your email within 24 hours, please check your junk mail folder. These documents will be provided in PDF format and you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader software installed on your computer to open them. This software can easily be downloaded for free from the Adobe website if you don't already have it. Once you've downloaded your files, you can save these to your computer to then open and print, ready to use straight away.

Personalized story helping children scared of the dark / afraid of monsters

Is ordering online secure?

Yes. All transactions are conducted through the secure PayPal online payment processing system.

What is your policy regarding the confidentiality of my personal information?

Little Children Big Dreams respects your privacy and will never disclose, sell or swap any of your personal information. Please refer to our privacy policy for more information.

Can I purchase a Little Children Big Dreams story from outside of Australia?

Yes. You can purchase one or both of the Little Children Big Dreams stories from any of the 190 countries and regions serviced by PayPal.

Do I need a PayPal account to purchase a Little Children Big Dreams personalized story?

No. You can choose whether you’d like to use your PayPal account, debit card or credit card when using the secure PayPal payment system.

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