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Little Children Big Dreams

Welcome to Little Children Big Dreams. Helping more children fear less.


Little Children Big Dreams Media

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Media for Little Children Big Dreams helping children's fearsPress / Media for Little Children Big Dreams, helping children's night fears

Since its launch on the 18th June 2012, Little Children Big Dreams has appeared in a variety of radio, newspaper, magazine and online media, some of which are featured here:

Angels and Urchins Health News "Banish Monsters" Autumn issue 2012 (Sept-Oct), London UK

Maritime Family Magazine - Prince Edward Island Edition (Canada), Things We Love: "Little Children with Big Dreams?", September-October 2012

Practical Parenting Magazine (Australia), News: "A Personal Story", August 2012

Studio bambini "Banishing the Boogeyman" August 2012

ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
 - North Queensland radio interview with Paula Tapiolas, Morning Show, 17th July 2012

ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
 - Coast FM radio interview with Nicole Dyer, Morning Show, 12th July 2012

The Sunday Mail (Queensland, Australia) "At last, sleepless parents see light" 8 July 2012

To download the most recent Press Release, click here.

For any other media enquiries, please contact Dr Kaylene Henderson using the contact form here or via email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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