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Little Children Big Dreams

Welcome to Little Children Big Dreams. Helping more children fear less.


Fear of Monsters

The Tale of the Brave Boy/Girl and the Monster has been developed for 2-5 year old children who are scared of monsters. 
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Fear of the Dark

The Tale of the Brave Boy/Girl and the Dark Shadows is for children up to the age of 10 who are afraid of the dark.
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Story Testimonials for Little Children Big Dreams

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Read about how Little Children Big Dreams has helped these children’s fear of the dark and monster dreams, and in doing so, improved these children’s sleep:

‘Not long after my first daughter turned 4, she started having bad dreams about a monster and became scared of the dark. She started to need one of us to be in bed with her before she would fall asleep. We had months of sleepless nights and were feeling quite desperate by the time we found Little Children Big Dreams. She LOVED her story, I think even more so because it was about her. And we loved the fact that we didn’t have to do anything TO her for her fears to improve, rather we used the story to help beat the fear together. The parent guide was also very helpful. Its suggestions on how to talk with my daughter about her story and her fears were really simple. It wasn’t long until my child could sleep through the night again, and I’m not sure who was more proud - her or us - that she had gotten past her fear!‘

Nicola, New South Wales, Australia

Read on for more testimonials from parents and carers who have helped their children's fear of the dark and monster dreams and, in doing so, enabled their children to sleep better.

'We had a good experience with your story tonight. As we read the Fear of the Dark story, I saw my daughter get worried and then smile as she realised what was going on. She is looking forward to drawing the pictures and also to making suggestions as to how to help the shadows. She gets it. And she was terribly impressed that myself and this wonderful doctor on the other side of the planet were trying to help. She was in great form going to bed. Checking her later and she was fast asleep. We'll have another go at the story with her doing the drawings tomorrow. Thanks for being there. I think the story is wonderful.' 

Ronan, Dublin, Ireland

Testimonials - helping children’s fears, better sleep for children

‘I wanted to let you know that your Little Children Big Dreams story really helped my 8 year old grandson. He was very afraid of the dark for some time. It was distressing to see him so upset. He loved the story, particularly the way the shadows were described. They certainly lost their scariness for him. He even has his certificate proudly displayed on his wall. Thank you.’

Maree, Christchurch, New Zealand

'I would like to thank you. I went through the monster story with my 2 year old girl and she's sleeping much better! We've gone from waking every 1.5 to 2 hours with screams to sleeping for 5 to 6 hours and then "gently" calling for me.'

Anne, Capetown, South Africa

‘My 3 year old son became scared of monsters after seeing a costumed character at a school fair. His bad dreams started soon after this, and my child’s sleep seemed ruined - he had previously been such a good sleeper but his monster dreams meant that he was awake and screaming twice a night! Nothing we tried seemed to do any good and it became quite distressing for the whole family. As soon as we began the process of reading his personalised story (which we’ve read countless times since) we noticed a difference. We talked about how he can change the endings of his monster dreams to be like the ending of his story which he seems to have really taken on. Although he occasionally has monster dreams, he tells me that they’re no longer scary. Thank you.’

Carolyn, London, United Kingdom

'What a beautiful story and captures exactly what I think my daughter is feeling in the night - it brought a tear to my eye!' 

Kate, Manchester, United Kingdom

I recently purchased one of your Little Children Big Dreams stories for my son. He is 6 and had been having terrible trouble with being very afraid of the dark. I made sure we had some quiet time, just the two of us, to read through the story and for him to draw the pictures. We both really enjoyed this time together and it was great to feel like I was doing something positive about the issue, especially after so many horrible bedtimes! It only took a couple of weeks before he felt ready to try sleeping in his own room again - amazing! His story is still a favourite on the bedtime reading list and he loves to talk about his pictures too. We cannot believe the difference in our little boy. We have already recommended Little Children Big Dreams to our friends and will continue to do so.‘

Angela, Queensland, Australia

'Last night we had the first full night's sleep we've had in weeks. And I've just heard from my wife - my son was talking about his story with her this morning on the way to school and has even proudly taken his certificate in with him today.' 

Paul, Cheshire, United Kingdom

‘My 5 year old girl was keeping us all up at night being afraid of the dark. In desperation we tried your story and after a few nights we realized we had all slept through the night without being woken! I guess most kids fear the dark at some stage but this certainly helped us all. Thank you’. 

Paul, Ohio, United States of America

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